Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Guarding Your Heart

One area in which I’ve seen so many women experience heartache and emotional pain is in their relationships with men. From abusive situations to dating relationships that didn’t end on a good note, women tend to intensely experience the negative emotions of broken relationships. The impact of these types of situations can be devastating, and I’ve come to realize it is because we are wired to be relational. We get fulfillment from giving and receiving love to and from the special people in our lives. Unfortunately, many women open their hearts too soon to people whose motives are not necessarily pure. Now more than ever, it’s so important that we guard our hearts and emotions in relationships. I’m not talking about walking in fear and refusing to trust others. I simply mean developing boundaries and having personal standards that protect us from the wrong intentions of others. Conducting our relationships this way ensures success and helps us keep emotionally and spiritually sound.


  1. Hi, Taffie, I do understand what you are talking about when you talk about the heart & being hurt. Growing up I never really had love & if I was showed anything, it was misplaced love, if you know what I mean! So becasue I had never really had it, I never really knew what it looked like. So I was one of those women that drew nearer to not so healthy relationships. I am married now & in a beautiful, loving,respectful, relationship but for a long time, I had no idea what that was. When I first got married, it took me a while to trust my own husband & to love him like I do now or even believe that he loved me for that matter; but with much spending time in God's Word & letting the Holy Ghost lead Me, I now know the meaning of it all. Still learning though & can't get enough of it, but it's a whole lot better than when it first began. Thanks for the Blog.

  2. this is so true , we need to guard our hearts and our body as well , and we need to know what our purpose is , its really not easy if we do things out of God ,we need to be prayerful God will help us

  3. lesa I see that setting a standard and guarding your heart too I was talking to this man in nashville and he only wanted someone to play with he kept teeling me we could have fun together thats cool in all but look he had 3 girlfriends women calling him on his phone and getting others womens numbers and having other women buy him food and getting money from them I just stop talking to him tafffi and changed my number and never called him again and since stop anwersing my cell he left as message because I so cruel to people that why I won,t have good luck.

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