Thursday, July 9, 2009

Don’t Get Emotional!

As I was doing my devotional today, I began to think about my girls and how they are growing up so fast. I remember when my oldest headed off to college and I realized her sisters were not far behind! For many of us, our beloved children are starting college, getting married, and moving out of the house. With these types of transitions, it isn’t uncommon to feel a variety of emotions, from joy to sadness. I know about these tough transitions, especially with two grown sons, and three daughters who are quickly growing up. However, I have to remind myself to keep God at the forefront of my thinking so my emotions won’t be tossed to and fro by the changing seasons taking place in my relationships with my kids.

I want to encourage wives and mothers facing the same things to resist the urge to fall into loneliness and grief. Ask God to reveal to you what your next assignment is and pay attention to what He says. In addition, seek the comfort of like-minded friends during this phase. Speaking of friends, I want to hear from those of you who have successfully conquered these same challenges. How did you get through it? I look forward to hearing from you!


  1. Thank God my daughter is only 14 but she's growing so fast. The other day I went to visit her at her job (can u believe it a job already???) at the library. She was so grown up with her little id on. It made me want to cry.

    I look forward to hearing what others have to say also so I can start getting prepared now. My daughter says she wants to stay with me forever but I know that will change as soon as the man God has for her comes along.

  2. I am facing this challenge now. My middle daughter is preparing to leave for college in the fall. I am excited she is entering into a new faze of her life, but also a little sadden because she is growing up and moving out. I also have another daughter at home who is 13, but that is not making this situation any easier. I also would love to know how others managed this type of situation.

  3. I really wanted to thank you for the article Don't get Emotional. I am currently going through a lot of transition myself. Although, it is not specifically the subjects you've mentioned here, it is certainly an encouragement to me to here that it seems that others go through these feelings. I certainly am in the midst of seeking God, but unfortunately, not any who are like-minded. I am praying for those who are.
    I think sisters in Christ need to support each other, but its also important for us to speak into each others lives who share similar experiences and have 'walked through the fire' so to speak. We need women who are willing to speak into another sister's life. We as sisters need to accept them speaking into our lives.

    Thanks for the article again, it an encouragement to me!

    Gloria Cowdery

  4. Your article certainly encouraged me. My daughter is no where near ready to go off to college, however she did just take her first trip to Grandma's house without me or her Dad. She's only 14 months old and I cried a few times before she left and when she rode off with my sister yesterday. I know that she will be well taken care of and my family wants to enjoy her like we do all the time. I just keep telling God that I trust Him and I know that she will be just fine. For me trusting God is the key and being anxious for nothing. Thank you for the article and this forum.

    God Bless

  5. hey taffi god bless hey my blessed sisters I going thru this dilema of not having a job I been handing out my resume at different palces but still unemployed taffi I pray that god give a means for my finances mean while these student loans are adding up and the neighbor are always talking about me can u pray and help me out. Lesa

  6. my beautiful sisters in christ all of our daughters have to grow up just like when our mothers had to see us grow up and we turned out so wonderful just keep your beautiful daughters in up in prayer. god will bless you and your loving families.

  7. Hi,


    Please read through the messages in this Blog.
    All glory and honor, power and praise, be unto our God for providing us with HIS Word through this blog.
    Send it across and share it with the multitudes who are hungry for HIS Word.

    Freely we received, freely shall we give.

    God bless you.

  8. Transitioning isn't easy at first, especially when you don't want to but need to. But when God's grace is tapped into, transitioning begins to be less difficult. From constantly being on the go working to now being a house wife (primarily) I felt a dramatic change. But little by little the Spirit of God showed me how to get use to my new season.

  9. I am in the middle of this transition, my 20 year old daughter just moved out at the begining of this month and my 18 year old son will be graduating in June and continuing his education out of state. It has been challenging keeping my emotions in control but I do know that God is able to help us control our emotions. It has helped me having a good loving relationship with my husband and asking God what he has in store for my life next. I believe that my husband and I have done our job raising our children and now it's time they sprout their wings and fly that being said we as parents have to beleive we have done the best job we could with God's help and guidance and now we must let go and let God continue to lead them where he wants them to go.

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