Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Setting the Standard

I like to talk to single women because, unfortunately, there are many who have allowed the world’s standards to affect their mindsets, particularly where relationships with men are concerned. I’ve mentioned before that as women, we are very relational. By that I mean we tend to be most fulfilled and happy when we are in loving, giving relationships that allow us to love and be loved without reservations. We often long for fulfilling relationships with men, yet we live in a world that prizes the physical over the spiritual and focuses on immediate gratification rather than waiting. Consequently, a lot of women tend to lower their standards in relationships, or settle for men that are not God’s best for them. As women, we must realize we have the power to set the standards in our relationships. When we wait on the best God has to offer, we save ourselves time and energy and we avoid heartbreak. I want to encourage women everywhere to set the standard for their lives and refuse to compromise!


  1. Yes! I completely agree...as a young professional woman man, it can be even more difficult because men see you as determined, focused, educated and successful. When you through an "oh yea I a Christian and I live the Christian lifestyle" in front of all that, its like a faint invisible repellent is drafted in the air. It can be almost discouraging that you think about lower 1 standard, then 2 or 3 more. But when you do so, the relationship never lasts because that is not God or your heart. It is hard to continue to believe the God still has that one ouot there for you when you live in the world we live in...but you just keep on believing and holding onto your faith...

  2. I love this article, especially the line that reads:As women, we must realize we have the power to set the standards in our relationships. Thats the key! I have learned! Thank you Jesus!

  3. I agree with you Pastor Taffi! If more women would set and keep the standards set, relationships with men would be so different than what we see today. I've learned the value in keeping your Godly standards because in Him is our covering, protection and much peace! Why lower your standards for a dude who problably isn't saved and end up hurt and dealing with drama!

  4. Pastor Taffi, you are so right in regards to not lowering one's standard. I have been widowed now for two years and before that was in a very unsucessful strained marriage praying to God for a miracle to save it. I have learned through mistakes that I cannot comprimise Gods word and I must maintain and live a true Christian life. I know that the decision for me to not worldly date will have a direct impact on my daughter's future, not only mine....I thank God everyday for wisdom and guidance...I am soo happy to see you have your own website...you and Pastor Dollar are such an inspiration to me and without your ministry, my husbands passing two years ago..i dont think I would have made it through...

  5. Pastor Taffi, that was a WORD! I attend RWCCI, (Brinsons) and been there for 5 years. PY has instilled in me so much that I have learned and am still learning to see me as God sees me! I married a guy who had 1 kid and I had 3, prior to the marriage it was alllll good while shacking up, but the HS convicted me, I moved back home and then he came to me asking for my hand. But once in the marriage, working 3 jobs, being a new wife and a step mom, doing eveythign to make this blended family work, my husband left hollering"these aint my kids, I'm tired of this" and now, after all that, I see now how I have come to envelope myself in teh word and knowledge of living by Prov 31:30. His loss not mine! And that feels so good.

  6. Hi,



    Please read through the messages in this Blog.
    All glory and honor, power and praise, be unto our God for providing us with HIS Word through this blog.
    Send it across and share it with the multitudes who are hungry for HIS Word.

    Freely we received, freely shall we give.

    God bless you.

  7. I agree with Pasto Taffi but I am in need of a significant other. I have been lonely for six years.

    Is there hope for women on the wrong side of thirty? I have not lost my faith, its just that sometimes its so hard being on my own.

    Its gets harder... This is a cry for help not out of frustration, but as a relational human being, a cry for advice from Pastor Taffi.

    God bless you!

  8. Hi Ugoo...I don't think there is a 'wrong side of thirty'!I have seen and heard of loads of women who got married in their 30's and 40's.
    Keep trusting God and living each day to the fullest...God cares about you so much
    Whatever situation you are in,your perception about it is your key to break through...It just might be that God is reshaping and remodeling your husband!
    Be positive and expectant but do not be desperate.