Friday, June 12, 2009

Balancing Life’s Responsibilities

I was having some personal quiet time today and began thinking about the importance of maintaining balance in life. Speaking for myself, I can say that juggling the responsibilities of being a mother, wife, business woman, and pastor can become overwhelming at times. I feel the same emotions, frustrations, and challenges that everyone else does!

Some days I handle them better than others, but I’ve found the key to having a peaceful attitude, in the midst of everything life brings, is BALANCE! Even though we have a lot of things on our plates, it is important to take a time-out and do something uplifting for ourselves. Whether it’s going to the spa, sitting down with a good book, or just finding some quiet time for yourself on the weekend, take a moment to pause, and exhale.

When you balance life’s responsibilities with “mandatory” personal time, you will find new enjoyment in your relationships and a renewed ability to handle everything you have to do!


  1. I totally agree. My mandatory personal time begins at 5:30 am with a yoga session three times per week and two days of 6:00 am group fitness training. I am usually up early watching Daystar or otherwise listening to ministry resources which assists me in my prayer life which needs work.

  2. I had the hardest time trying to make everything fit into this neat and neurotic little package. I stay at home with my kids, I home school them, I'm working on a book to be published soon, I love to study the Word, and a host of other time consuming hobbies that leaves my husband scratching his head.

    Balance was not something that I was able to grasp because I sometimes found myself spending more time doing certain other things while letting another set of tasks wait quietly on the shelf. I soon learned to delagate, prioritize, schedule, and forgive myself for not getting a chance to accomplish absolutely everything in one day. I also had to learn that it was okay to find time for me even if it is hiding in the bathroom for fifteen minutes a day...with the lights off...hoping that my youngest doesn't catch on and peek under the door!

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